Strategies and technologies to enhance planning, operation and participation at the pan-European electricity balancing market

After 5 years success story of our German speaking event “Future perspectives of the electricity balancing market” we move a step forward and make it pan-European.

Electricity balancing and ancillary services are moving more and more from national to pan-European. Renewable energy systems and enhanced security supply are increasing the importance of cross-border market development. Network Codes are drawn up to regulate the pan-European market. Where does this journey end up and what should be considered?

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What you can expect

Hear from the European Commission, ACER and ENTSO-E about the harmonisation of the pan-European electricity balancing and ancillary services market and get an update about the Network Code development

Discuss with energy intensive industries about future ways on how they can be included in the electricity balancing market

Get informed how to handle the worst case and learn how to black start a generation unit

Learn how to enhance security supply, flexibility and how to reduce costs by cross boarder spot market development

Find new solutions about how to use renewable energy systems, virtual power plants and electricity storage to compensate active power loss

Get in touch with TSO’s, DSO’s, electricity suppliers, energy intensive industries and authorities - network with their representatives


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